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    Updated on Sep 14, 2018. Posted on Sep 14, 2018

    14 Very, Very, VERY Goob Dog Posts From This Week

    Consider your Friday *~BLESSED~*.

    1. This doggo scammed the H*CK out of his hooman:

    Today marks a year since I paid nearly £200 to be told my dog was faking struggling to breathe in order to be carried.

    2. This yellow lab got OVER 👏 A 👏 MILLION 👏 LIKES 👏 for asking his dad for ear drops!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my dog has ear medicine she needs and the other one also thinks he needs it too.. nobody has the heart to tell him it’s pretend..


    This is Graham. He doesn’t understand why he’s not allowed to climb in the dishwasher. 13/10 just wanted to help

    4. Just...just THIS:

    5. Roger here messed all of us up with his cute-ass binky!!!!!!!!

    6. Someone posted this ol' boye in a dog-spotting group and I SCREAMED:

    Sierra Cheatham‎ / Via

    7. Happy pupper did a ZOOOOOOOOOOM GREETING:

    If you ain’t as excited to see me as my dog then fuck out my face

    8. Wrinkly puppy met grass puppies:

    9. Ozzie proved that sharing is indeed caring:

    This is Ozzie. He wanted to share his panda with the other dog, but it turns out the other dog already has the EXACT SAME PANDA. 13/10 h*ckin suspicious

    10. Smol therapy corg prepared for takeoff!!!!!!!!!

    Facebook: video.php

    11. Floofy Wisconsin boye became floofy Wisconsin LEGEND:

    12. This European angel bb pondered the hustle and bustle:

    Nadia Barmada‎ / Via

    13. Gideon of I've Pet That Dog pet this dog!!!!!!!

    I pet Zoe. She is a 12 year old Yorkie. She is playful and loves kids. Zoe is very daring. She will chase rabbits, even though they are bigger than she is. She will even chase much larger dogs. Zoe likes to ride on her caregiver’s shoulder, like a parrot.

    14. And lastly, while no puppers are pictured here, a bunch of people volunteered to foster shelter dogs so they could evacuate before Hurricane Florence!!! Both the doggos and these hoomans are very, very goob.

    The line of folks waiting to pick up foster dogs for the weekend so coastal shelters can evacuate here before #HurricanceFlorence. Many more behind me. Sometimes humans are okay. ❤️

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