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    17 Very Goob Pupper Posts From This Week (Because You Really, Really Deserve It)

    Just in case you need some Very, VERY Goob Doggos™. 💖

    1. This pittie took his daily dose of Handsome Pills™!!!

    My dog Philby has to take allergy meds everyday but he doesn’t need to know that.

    2. Toby here got ~spoopy~:

    This is Toby. He’s very excited for spooky season. Hopes you like his bow tie. He tied it himself. 13/10 would carve a pumpkin with #SeniorPupSaturday

    3. This snarly lady just wanted to choke on her bone IN PEACE:

    Look at this little fucker after I took her bone away from her (she was choking on it 🙄).

    4. This snoozy golden was the very goobest!!!!!!!

    This is Ruby. She’s even a good girl in her dreams. Was finally rewarded for it. 14/10 the best way to wake pup

    5. Twitter met Raisin, this adorable pittie who has alopecia!!!!!!!

    This pit bull has alopecia, and her name is raisin. She’s so precious.

    6. HE. WIGGLED. HIMS. HEINY!!!!!!!

    Danica Kizikli - Dogspotting / Via Facebook: video.php

    7. He ding-donged:

    Dog escapes, then rings doorbell to get back inside

    8. Justice the service dog snuggled her students!!!!!!!!!

    This is Justice. She was supposed to be a leader dog for the blind, but never mastered stairs. Now she works in MSU’s Sexual Assault Program, offering support and providing a smile where few are found. I’m told she likes peanut butter and carrots, and she’s our sixth ever 15/10

    9. Both plants and puppers were tended to!!!!!!!


    11. This pupperino also requested the tosses!!!!!!

    my dog summer wanted to get tossed in the air too hahaha

    12. He wore cufflinks. *deep breath* CUFFLINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. This sweet lady snoozled with her owner's shoe while he was out!!!!!!!!!!


    15. This old 'n gold one rode in her wagon for the first time!!!

    Maggie can't go for walks anymore. As of last week, she can only make it a few houses before she starts to limp and then just sits. But she loves walks! So today, I got her a wagon with a bed (and some towels because rain) and we went for our inaugural ride.

    16. This doggo on Property Brothers wore jeans, beeper included:

    Unexplained moment in Buenos Aires on House Hunters International. This dog is wearing a beeper on his jeans.

    17. And lastly, even though this week was hard, this angel bb loves you and just wanted to remind you. Just in case you needed it. 💖

    the doggo of infinite affection is just dropping in to your timeline to let you know you are loved