Here Are 17 Really, Really Goob Dog Posts From This Past Week

    Pawsitivity = restored.

    1. This big ol' bubba was happy to see his dad after he had a long day at work:

    2. This goldendoodle pupperoni passed his wave check with flying colors!!!!!!!!

    3. HE ZOOM!!!!!!!!!!!

    sleep deprivation twitter wya

    4. Anubis, the Ancient Egyptian God of Death, was spotted:

    5. HE MÖNCH:

    It's critical that you turn the sound up and watch the whole clip

    6. THIS PUPPER PROTESTED 👏 THE 👏 WALKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    This is how my dog protests coming home from a walk. This happens every time

    7. Hazel here showed off her self-portrait!!!!!!!

    this is hazel, she has an outline of herself on her back (hound_with_a_hound_tattoo IG)

    8. This floofer boye demonstrated his several facial expressions with the help of felt eyebrows:

    brows really do change a face (fluffyface_enzo IG)

    9. This dogini helped to the ***VERY BEST*** of their abilities!!!!!!!!

    10. There was yet another development in the summer trend of "watering doggos":

    this years crop is growing nicely (thepetcollective)


    My dog recently realized where we keep the vacuum and is having a hell of a time getting over it

    12. Bullet here greeted his friend with unrelenting love and enthusiasm (as all friends should be greeted)!!!!!!!

    this is bullet and he gets very excited when his friend comes over (bullet_the_boxer IG)

    13. I know this is an old video, but it made the rounds on Twitter again, and I mean, I'm not gonna NOT include its adorablocity in this roundup:

    he loves his puppy so much (aarun_evolution IG)

    14. This chow chow enjoyed judging pedestrians from his private porch:


    this dog is cooler than i'll ever be (thepetcollective)

    16. Carter here watched some cookies bake and sniffed their very goob smells:

    this is carter, he likes to spend his time watching the cookies bake, hoping he'll be able to get one (rowdyretrievers IG)

    17. And lastly, this lil' dogini gave us all a lil' vote of confidence!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Apollo. He likes to point at those with beautiful smiles who are going to have a great day today. 13/10