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    15 Very Goob Dog Posts To Make Sure Your Week Is Also Very Goob

    "Say it ain't so / I will not go / Turn the lights off / Corgis in snow!!!"

    1. Narwhal here showed off her very cool and whimsical head-tail!!!!!!!

    This is Narwhal. He was born with an extra tail on his forehead. It hasn’t wagged yet but he’s working on it. 14/10 always read the instructions before assembling your puppy

    2. This lil' pupperina enjoyed her new hat:

    My mom sent me these pics of the hat she made her dog and I’m cackling omg

    3. Corgis in snow proved to be the best of *all the small things*:

    Say it aint so, I will not go, turn the lights off

    4. Luna here showed off her tricks (complete with some ASL!!!!!):

    Please enjoy my deaf, perfectly able, puppy and his tricks.(: we even added a little asl

    5. This dad DID 👏 NOT 👏 WANT 👏 A 👏 DOG 👏:

    dad : doesn't want a dog family : gets dog anyway dad : (redditor : u/johndoe4485)

    6. This ol' honey turned 13!!!!!!!!!!! Please clap!!!!!!

    7. ROCKY 👏 ATE 👏 THE 👏 TAMALES!!!!!!!!! 👏

    Pls enjoy this video of my mom getting mad at rocky for eating her tamales

    8. This Shiba possessed The Sauce™ and made sure all of these pedestrian peasants noticed:

    9. Clover here enjoyed the perks of Disney+:

    this is clover, she has her own disney plus account and it's the cutest thing (four.legged.clover IG)

    10. And speaking of Disney+, this Scottie recreated a scene from Lady and the Tramp, and IMHO, he deserves all the Oscars, Emmys, etc. etc.:

    @dog_rates @disneyplus My Scottie Wednesday and I can’t wait for this virtual watch party!

    11. This cloud participated in #SelfCare:


    Our neighbor added a spot in his fence so his dog can say hi to us and this is what my pictures will consist of from now on.

    13. This precious reunion happened 😭😭😭:

    14. Bennie here ABSOLUTELY 👏 THRIVED 👏 with his new assistive cart:

    This is Bennie. He was hit by a car as a puppy and lost both his back legs. Today, his owner added skis to his assistive cart, and he couldn't be happier. 14/10

    15. And lastly, HE SLIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDE!!!¡¡¡¡!!¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!