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    14 Dog Posts From This Week That Demand Media Coverage Immediately

    *Astral-projects into the body of a yellow Lab overlooking a canal in Bruges.*

    1. This week, this Belgian bubba surveyed his tranquil canal...

    oh to be a yellow lab napping on a windowsill overlooking a canal in Bruges

    2. ...and inspired a series of ~yearners~ while he was at it:

    3. Skipper here got SHIPWRECKED and required some assistance, pls!!!!!!!!

    This is Skipper. He's been shipwrecked. Was wondering if you could help him get his boat back to sea so he may resume his voyage. 14/10

    4. This stimker placed his order very politely:

    i'll take two puppucino's please (Khali Titsch FB)

    6. This BIG 👏 BOYE 👏 craved an ice-cold brewski:

    you gonna get me a beer or what ? (lawriegelling IG)

    7. This video resurfaced just when we needed it most:

    I've watched this a hundred times so far.

    8. TUCKER 👏 CALLED 👏 IT 👏 AN 👏 EARLY 👏 NIGHT!!!!!! 👏

    This is Tucker. He decided to call it an early night. Had a very busy day. Already dreaming about being on a rollercoaster. 13/10 would snuggle forever

    9. This lil' dog worm did what had to be done 😌:

    Me when I delete “Sent from my iPhone” to make the email more formal


    2 weeks ago, we said a teary goodbye to our furry friend as he embarked on his solo trip across the globe from Dublin to Melbourne. Today he was released from quarantine and we were finally reunited..

    12. Leny here enjoyed a carefree and exhilarating ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡sLiDe!!!!!!!!

    this is leny and he absolutely loves sliding down hills (leny_the_retriever IG)

    13. This sweet spotted lovey Tasted the Rainbow™:

    14. And lastly, he snoot, he toot, but most importantly...he BEAUT!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖