15 Dog Posts From This Week To Make You Smile, Laugh, And Take Your Mind Off The News

    On the bright side, your dog is really happy you're home!

    1. This week, Meeko here proved to be "incredibly bad" at being a guard dog, bur VERY GOOB at being a GOOB BOYE!!!!!!!!

    This is Meeko. He's supposed to be a guard dog. Incredibly bad at it. Hasn’t scared a single person away. 13/10 would noggin pat through the fence

    2. This adorable shelter pup found a foster home to social-distance in!!!!!!!!!!

    3. These two performed a graceful two-step:

    In case you need to smile...my daughter dancing with our pup Otis

    4. This big ol' hunk of bulldoggoli turned out to be the perfect surface for Pringle stacking:

    Day 5 of Coronavirus lock down, stacking Pringles

    5. This dogini heard the Law & Order theme song and did what had to be done:

    This is as good a time as any to tell you that my dog sings along to the Law & Order theme song every time he hears it

    6. This interspecies friendship warmed our hearts, and everyone knows nothing warms a heart like an interspecies friendship!!!!!!!

    This is Sarge. He helps save injured and orphaned wildlife in his area. I’m told he loves all animals, but gets the most attached to fawns. 14/10 good boy Sarge

    7. This coworker did *NOT* adhere to the various social distancing techniques:

    8. Neither did this floofy colleague:

    my new wfh coworker is so needy, I can’t get anything done 🙄

    9. This moment of utter sunshiny, CHÖNKY bliss was captured on camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Andi and Olli here enjoyed a Duo Snoozle™!!!!!!!!

    This is Andi and Olli. They fell asleep arguing over who gets to cuddle the chicken toy. 13/10 for both

    11. This floofer enjoyed a nice, peaceful walk with his drone master:

    An Israeli man walks his dog via drone (source: Facebook)

    12. Zada enjoyed her lil' sink bath:

    This is Zada. She’s having a little bath before bedtime. 12/10 would protect with my life

    13. This chungus let the rain fall down and wake his dreams!!!!!!!!

    because happiness is enjoying the simple things in life (Clube do Pit Bull Manaus FB)

    14. This dog(???) went to a drive-thru(???????)

    Why is there a Dog in the drive thru???

    15. And lastly, Rudy here enjoyed all of the encouragement he received from these people trapped inside the TV!!!

    This good boy’s name is Rudy. His hooman is watching “Rudy”. Rudy is perplexed by the “Rudy” chant. Dogs, bruh...💪🐶😍🏈❤️🤣