17 Of The Best Dog Posts The Internet Gave Us This Week

    This week, in Doggo Culture™...

    1. This week, the real-life couple from Lady and The Tramp was discovered!!!!!!!!

    2. This hungry pug-nug took a tumble:

    I can't stop watching 💀💀💀💀💀

    3. This pittie boye did a wibble wobble:

    Me happily listening to the same 4 songs everyday

    4. This doggo somehow succeeded in making Mufasa's death scene EVEN SADDER:

    “Mufasa’s death is one of the most heart-wrenching movie scenes ever. There’s no way to make it any more sa-“

    5. This stimker showed us his own ~special~ way he likes to eat his breakfast:

    6. This lil' one gave us the sweetest, purest puppy smile one could ever hope to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖 💖 💖

    THE most wholesome thing I’ve EVER seen. you’re welcome.

    7. This video came into our lives and simultaneously dismantled the patriarchy, cleared our skin, and waxed our upper lip:

    I'm not one for politically charged social commentary but this is important. 🔊

    8. These pitties played Boop the Balloon, a classic:

    9. DAISY 👏 FINALLY 👏 GOT 👏 TO 👏 TRY 👏 DRY 👏 SHAMPOO!!! 👏

    Daisy will always watch me put dry shampoo in so i figured i would show her what it’s like 😂


    My brother sent me this video of my dog in the wind and I thought I should share😂

    11. This floofer was charged with orchestrating the Great Snacco Heist™:

    This is Mochi. It’s his first robbery. Forgot a weapon but would still like you to please put your hands pup and show him where you keep the snacks... or else. 12/10

    12. This pupper had the CYOOTEST reaction to spotting her hooman at doggie daycare pickup!!!!!!

    Sugars reaction when he saw me arrive to pick him up from his play date/daycare 🤣❤️

    13. This white fluffball proudly showed off his hooman's handy-dandy dog-accommodating car system!!!!!!!!

    14. This pup hit his owner with the classic Puppy Dog Face™, and TBH, it would've worked on me:

    Benji knows he’s in trouble so he tried to hit me with the puppy face 😂 I’m not caving in for that shit

    15. This doggo and his hooman mastered their ~cheesejectory~:

    16. This blepping pupper was memed from a good boye into a ~f*ckboye~:

    dog: where u going? owner: on a walk dog: lol without me??? 😫😉💦

    17. And lastly, the upstanding Duke, Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota, sadly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge: