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    14 Dog Posts From This Week That Prove Dogs Are The Closest Thing We Have To Perfection

    Complete with teefies, mönches, swimmies, and sits.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This lil' ombre-eared dogini got to see the world from new heights!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stop Leaving Y’all Pets They Wanna Travel Too😭😍

    2. HE JAM:

    I'm sorry God, but I made a TikTok


    4. This guy made for a great new meme template:

    "yo they lookin for u outside, i bit a kid."

    5. He *Trey Songz voice* DIIIIIIIIIIVED IN:

    Since Instagram isn’t working and I want the world to see ya go

    6. These lifeguard puppers were ON 👏 THE 👏 WATCH 👏 :

    u/Pat-El / Via

    7. This dog-dog singlehandedly proved that dogs are, indeed, The Best™:

    A journalist went to cover a story about a shelter for abandoned dogs. This good boy clung to the writer upon leaving. Dude adopted him and took him home. Dogs, bruh...💪🐶😍

    8. This lil' sweetums passed his therapy dog test!!!!!!!

    u/C_Chris77 / Via

    9. These smol ones absolutely ANNIHILATED this jumprope routine:

    your daily dose of happiness is here (puppiesclub/douyin)

    10. HE 👏 HIGH-FIVED 👏 HIMSELF 👏 OUT 👏 OF 👏 TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    11. SHE SIT:

    12. This lil' girlie showed of DEM TEEFIES!!!!!!!!

    This is Kinder. Her baby teeth fell out and these new grown-pup ones came in. 13/10 can’t stop showing them off

    13. These two performed a duo-swing:

    14. And lastly, this guy SNOOOOOOOZED:

    u/PenguinAsociation / Via

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