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    17 Dog Posts To Make Your Week Extra, Extra Goob

    *sharp inhale* MY *gasp* HEART!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. This cocker spaniel was much prettier than me:

    winnie_thecocker / Instagram/ vladgrinch / Via

    2. Emilia Clarke got a new smol bean named Ted!!!!!!!

    3. This lil' pupperino looked up to his mama:

    4. SHE 👏 WAS 👏 PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    critterwalk / Via

    5. Queso here perfected his sunbathing position:

    6. Brother Nature's sleepy nugget of a dog snoozled mid-hike:

    Every other morning I take a hike with my dog to the dog park, and on the way back he gets so tired that I gotta carry him back 😂

    7. He did a ~dIsGuIsE~!!!!!!!!!

    u/Skinwalker686 / Via

    8. This TikTok deserved ALL of the Oscars:

    This is hands down the best movie of the year.

    9. This footage from the Corgi Nationals went viral!!!!!!!

    10. HE COULD PUT IT IN A BUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. These two branch managers went ~corporate~:

    the branch manager and assistant to the branch manager (miloandoaks IG)

    12. HE SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u/dagliene / Via

    13. Juno here sported a very *SUPER* — albeit not very practical — snowsuit:

    This is Apollo and his stepdaughter Juno. They went shopping for something to keep Juno warm in the snow and this is all they could find. 13/10 for both

    14. LEGO 👏 FIT 👏 PERFECTLY!!!!!!!! 👏

    This is Lego. He had a big day. Probably did very important puppy things. 12/10 would snuggle immediately and forever

    15. HE SLOOOOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    live your life with this dog’s dedication to joy

    16. HE SAID HECK THE LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “NO JAIL CAN HOLD ME!” Dogs, bruh...💪🐶😍🤭😂❤️

    17. And lastly, this dogini PLAYED 👏 US 👏 OFF!!!!!! 👏