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    18 Very Goob Dog Posts From This Week

    Pug ASMR. Puppy double chins. Flawless burrito-ing — this week had it all.

    1. This lil' chihuahua stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning 😏:

    2. This floof gave us the content we didn't know we needed (but we NEEDED it!!!!!!!!)

    now THIS is the kind of content I like to see

    3. This pupper was SO HAPPY to be reunited with his hooman!!!

    So I’ve come back home from uni and today I took my dog on our first walk together since being back and he won’t stop looking up at me like this

    4. This doggito #swerved this other doggito so hard that we honestly deserve an instant replay:

    5. Missy here graced us with her gorgeous double chins, thus proving she has NO 👏 BAD 👏 ANGLES 👏:

    6. This sweetie did a lil' dance around the kitchen:

    7. We witnessed the aftermath of a "big ass crash":

    so we all in the living room and we hear a big ass crash...


    Getta look at this good boy on my train.

    9. This sweet bb gurl did a ~sit bacc and relacc~:

    This is Prosecco. She doesn’t mind bath time as long as you hold her steady. Likes to let the water run over her feets. 14/10 I love her so much

    10. This baby said, "HI PAPI!!!!!!!"

    11. This introverted boye just wanted to peacefully watch the game with some brews:

    Me at a party, dissociating and staring at the TV instead of talking to anyone

    12. This working boye reported for duty IN UNIFORM:

    13. This video is so sad, but it's just proof that dogs are infinitely loyal creatures who we don't deserve, but were blessed with anyway 💖:

    My dog of 11 years died yesterday, and today when I went outside to feed my other dog, he went to burry his food where his brother is buried and was sobbing the whole time💔 my heart really hurts😢

    14. He had — dun dun dun — THE SPINS!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Cadogan. He’s had the same morning routine for the last 13 years. Knows exactly how many spins it takes to get to breakfast. 13/10 #SeniorPupSaturday

    15. Doug the Pug gave us the gift of Pug ASMR™:


    Imagine someone dropped him off at your door, you keeping him ?

    17. He flawlessly ~burritoed~:

    Swear on my life, Oscar will not leave the house if I don’t roll him up like this every single time. 😂

    18. And lastly, he took care of a friend in need 💖💖💖:

    So my friend’s vet has a comfort-dog assistant that helps sick patients know that everything will be alright and this is really all you need to see today ❤️🐾