15 Dog Posts That Everyone — And I Mean Everyone — Needs To See This Week

    *clicks immediately* *scrolls vigorously* *smiles contagiously*

    1. This sweet chonkito's before-and-after adoption pics resurfaced again, so YOU BET I INCLUDED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. This hefty mama did a PLOW:

    3. This pupper knocked the camera out of his hooman's hand, and I — :

    4. Daisy here was crowned QUEEN 👏 CHONK 👏 OF 👏 THIS👏 HILLTOP!!!!!!! 👏

    This is Daisy. She is queen chonk of this hilltop. Been visiting it for the last 12 years. Likes to smile in every direction before she leaves. 14/10 #SeniorPupSaturday

    5. THIS:

    6. HE SCOOT BY CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Dustin. His legs work fine. He just prefers to scoot. 13/10 please clear the runway. He has places to be

    7. These Goob Boyes™ supported their Goob Boye™!!! 😭😭😭

    Michigan State corner Josh Butler's parents both died while he was in college During his final home game, he came onto the field accompanied by his two dogs for Senior Day 🙏 (@DavidHarns)

    8. These dogs showed off their *quite* humanlike facial features, and I'm not sure how to feel........?

    9. TOFFI 👏 HERE 👏 TRIED 👏 HER 👏 BEST 👏:

    This is Toffi. She tried her best and that’s all we can ask for. 12/10 and the couch is cancelled

    10. Brother Nature's date was very ~alluring~:

    11. This shibe accepted that he is now but a pillow:

    12. This lil' golden nug sat in his towel for a disappointing amount of time:

    when you get out of the shower and just sit on your sofa contemplating life for hours (thegoldenchip16 IG)

    13. This cute/HORRIFYING/adorable/NIGHTMARISH photo op:

    DAY 5 : they still haven't noticed (antoniothegolden IG)

    14. This 18-YEAR-OLD(!!!) sweetums snuggled her 14-YEAR-OLD(!!!) toy:

    15. And lastly, HE ATE THE CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! My dog ate the cheesecake while we were in a different room!