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    Updated on May 11, 2019. Posted on Apr 5, 2019

    14 Dog Posts From This Week That'll Make You Happy To Live On The Same Planet As Dogs

    "Not all dogs are good boys...because some are good girls." —Gandhi, probably

    1. This lil' sausage link finally got the recognition he deserved!!!!!!!

    My step dad has been trying to get their wiener dog to be pet of the month for two years. April 2019, it finally happened. He sent me this and said “my proudest moment as a dad”

    2. This husky boye got a funny haircut, but worry not — he was still able to stop everyone in their tracks with his undeniable handsomeness:

    ok so my dog was way over due for a haircut so finally we took him to a new grooming place to get it done... we said “he’s needs to be shaved just ENOUGH so he wouldn’t shed as much anymore.” they took the shaving part literally 🙂 YALL THE SECOND PICTURE I CANT💀🥺

    3. This pupper really did try her best!!!!!!!!!!

    Pls no judgement she tried her best

    4. Pupfessor Dogini proudly presented her scholarly findings:

    5. Cooper here let his hooman know exactly what he thought of their sports ~skillz~:

    If y’all want to see something hilarious, my dog Cooper lets out a huge howl when you make a basket, but let’s out a disappointed groan when you miss. Cooper expects greatness when it comes to sports.

    6. SPOILER ALERT: This chihuahua did not, in fact, hit the woah.

    My girlfriend tried getting her chihuahua to hit the woah


    8. Kishi here called dibs on her Special Spot™:

    This is Kishi. She called dibs on that chair five years ago and they’re still in effect today. Her tail is a little longer but it looks like she’s wearing the same socks. 12/10


    this is how my sisters husky wakes her up! enjoy

    10. She smile:

    11. This smol lady brought the sunshine with her everywhere she went!!!

    This is Faye. She wanted to bring a little sunshine into your life. Heard it can help with the happiness. 14/10 thank you so much Faye

    12. After watching this video, all I can tell you is it wasn't this goob boye.

    I found it. The greatest video on TikTok

    13. This stone doggo did a h*ckin' ~ D E C E I V E ~.

    I was at work and I was so upset that someone left heir dog in the office so I went to play with it and it’s a fucking statue, then I was more upset

    14. And lastly, even though this thoughtful pupper passed away, she made sure her mom shared her treats with the rest of the neighborhood doggos. Very, very goob 💖:

    My dad is a mailman and he likes to give dogs on his route treats. Today he told us one of the dogs on his route passed away and his owners gave him this bag of treats with this note 😭

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