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    18 Of The Very Best Cat Posts From This Week

    So good and evil.

    1. This week, this picture was discovered in an old hard drive:

    2. This comprehensive Venn diagram explained everything:

    3. King Julian here astounded partygoers:

    Our cat King Julian has earned his reputation of ring toss master

    4. HE SNOOOOooo00ooOZE!!!!!!!

    The only way to relieve stress in class

    5. And he PAT PAT PAT:

    He don't protecc He don't atacc But most importantly, he gently pat pat pat the chimken snacc

    6. This kitters HIT 👏 HIS 👏 ANGLES!!!!!!!! 👏

    7. This lil' guy just wanted to *M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" gunshot noises* take his monaaaayyyyy:

    8. This video.......just........this video:

    Never fucking forget the time a cat ran into a glass door during a French baking show

    9. These three were literally out of a soap opera:

    This is definitely an affair scene

    10. HE FLOP:

    Raven is, by far, our most chill flop cat

    11. These lil' nakey bbs enjoyed some high–thread count sheets:

    12. This meowito pequeño got a little help:

    Cat was getting frustrated that she couldn’t get the moth so I had to help out 🐱

    13. This photo was taken, thus revolutionizing modern kitters photography EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

    Ultra-wide angle lens is going to revolutionize cat photography

    14. THIS (!!!) happened:

    It's critical that you turn the sound up and watch the whole clip

    15. This man and his bb beansprout became US citizens and celebrated with raw fish!!!!!!!

    16. These proud parents basked in The Miracle of Life™!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my God, this is so beautiful😍😍

    17. This babers agreed that appendages are amazing:

    😎 I can do that! 😻 I can, too!

    18. And lastly, I just thought this tweet was accurate:

    no one: cats at 4am: fuck it we ball