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    14 Cat Posts From This Week That Are Honestly Just Really Important

    *immediately orders acrylic nails for cat*

    1. This week, this cat edit was the perfect visual representation for why we should all keep self-isolating!!!!!!

    Kids cough like this but you wanna open up schools????

    2. This lil' kitters slap-a-da-bass!!!!!!!

    I'm not saying this photo will solve all your problems. I'm just saying some days you need a picture of a kitten at the exact moment he realizes that maybe playing bass isn't as easy as it seems.

    3. This floof harnessed every ounce of strength they could find!!!!!!

    4. This catto did what had to be done:

    My cat just locked up my dog lmfaooooo💀😂

    5. The case was cracked that, yes, Taylor Swift's cat *DOES*, in fact, live in the same house as her!!!

    oh my god taylor swift lives with her cat

    6. These two babers had fun with some arts 'n' crafts!!!

    #Caturday Draw on some cardboard, put a hole in, and your cats will do the rest.

    8. This lil' cyootie showed off their fancy new *~acrylics~*:

    9. These guys were subject to a lil' prank:

    10. This whole family was on their best behavior during a storm!!!!!!


    12. THEY 360°!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. And lastly, these cats got their own activity wall, thanks to their mom's quarantine boredom!!!