14 Cat Posts From This Week That I Firmly Believe Every Cat Person Needs To See

    "Pspspspspspspsps!" —All of us right now

    1. This week, this nug realized she was with child:

    she realizes she's pregnant (3rd pic)

    3. These two complied with safety orders:

    These stray cats were spotted occupying the circle marks intended for the implementation of social distancing protocols in front of a store in Brgy. Holy Spirit, Quezon City on Sunday amid enhanced community quarantine.

    4. This lil' guy enjoyed his new tent!!!!!!!

    5. This sweetie led a lil' guided meditation for us all 😌:

    6. These two gave the world all of the televised sports coverage it so desired:

    The room is an 8. The cat fight is 10/10

    7. This bb simply did what had to be done:

    9. This stimky boye watched Zootopia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is him btw https://t.co/m0R4gB1TA5

    10. This sweet angel got glam~~~:


    My good sis Felecia had to show y’all how it’s done😌🤚🏾 #foryou #fyp

    ♬ Hot Girl - Megan Thee Stallion

    12. These two perfectly reenacted this scene from SpongeBob SquarePants:

    13. This kitters and their doggo fren enjoyed a nice socially distanced car ride!!!

    14. And lastly, just........this: