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    14 Cat Posts That You Can Admire Even If You Don't Have A Cat Of Your Own

    *adds 12 crocheted kitty hats to cart*

    1. This floof modeled a very lovely crocheted hat and it looked very nice:

    2. This cat and cat cake said everything I've ever wanted to say without having to say it:

    3. This kitters IMMEDIATELY regretted his decision:

    4. This dad took his cat child to see the squirrels!!!!!!!

    my dad takes my cats outside every day to see the squirrels

    5. This booper gave us a very pleasant surprise:

    6. This kitty done spooked us REEEEEAL good!!!!!

    Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind (1896)

    7. This once-hefty chonk hunkered down and shed some of his chonkocity:

    8. This nuggy sat and watched a particularly riveting episode of Tom and Jerry:

    9. This one camouflaged:

    10. And this one DRIPPED:

    11. Taylor Swift's kitty, Meredith, was shocked by all the Swifties' theories:

    12. These lil' nugs appreciated fine art and the art of the SnoooooOOOOooOOze™:

    13. This sweet parent-child moment purified our water and dosed our souls in essential oils:

    in case your timeline is toxic here you have a refresh

    14. And lastly, these lil' angel bbs simply helped their hooman get ready for the day, that's all!!!!!!