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    16 Weddings That Just Really, Really Went For It

    I now pronounce extra.

    1. This grand entrance:

    u/Tannrr / Via

    2. This "business in the front, party in the back" Minion cake:

    u/TallFriendlyGinger / Via

    3. This horseless CAR-riage:

    u/Fun6754 / Via

    4. This pepperoni pizza gown (complete with matching bouquet):

    u/Kdial2002 / Via

    5. These "his and hers" cakes:

    u/Sha11owBay / Via

    6. These *~bejeweled~* tooth wedding rings that are apparently reserved for vampire weddings (???):

    u/ApkarLeTsar / Via

    7. This suuuuper-cringey cake topper:

    u/B4rrett50c / Via

    8. This medieval-looking champagne dress contraption:

    u/perez-hilton / Via


    u/Weinerdogsriseagain / Via

    10. This VEEEEEEEEEEEERY Southern wedding cake:

    u/hiimcoleman / Via

    11. This stretch DeLorean for those Back to the Future/bachelor party crossovers, I guess:

    u/SurroundedByAHoles / Via

    12. This diamond sperm ring 😌:

    u/Stofflees / Via

    13. This skunk butt spray display:

    u/ilovemyking / Via

    14. This absolute Guy Fieri of a wedding dress:

    u/l-Orion-l / Via

    15. This dip wedding cake, because yup:

    u/Bazookatier / Via

    16. And lastly, this penis bouquet!!!!!!!!

    u/OrganizedSprinkles / Via

    H/T: /r/ATBGE

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