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Wedding Planners, What Ideas Are Completely Overdone At This Point?

"If I have to organize one more lantern 'wish' ceremony, I swear..."

Hey, wedding planners! There must be some things that EVERY couple seems to want at their wedding. Which ones do you think have been totally exhausted at this point?!


Like, maybe the thought of reclaimed wood makes you want to projectile vomit.

Erstudiostok / Getty Images

Or perhaps that whole "dance down the aisle" bit has passed its prime for you.


Or succulents as bouquets? Make it stop.

Chrishumphreys1 / Getty Images

Or maybe you've just seen one too many of those lantern "wish" ceremonies.

Rangtheclick / Getty Images

So if you're a wedding planner and are absolutely OVER some popular wedding ideas, tell us what they are and why you're over them in the comments below!!!


Our favorites may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post or video!