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    17 Things Vegetarians Who Hate Vegetables Want You To Know

    Get your "zoodles" OUT πŸ‘ OF πŸ‘ MY πŸ‘ FACE.πŸ‘

    1. You HAAAAAAAATE salads.


    Nothing's worse than when you say you want to go somewhere with vegetarian options and your friends drag you to a fucking Sweetgreen or Chopt.

    2. But you don't feel like eating hot animal carcass either, so.


    3. On the off chance you do eat a salad, you make sure it's covered in croutons and CHEEEEEEEEESE!

    4. You have a couple specific vegetables you'll tolerate.

    5. Namely potatoes.

    Of all shapes and sizes and ~genres~.

    6. You're v into Trader Joe's and Whole Foods!!! 😍 😍 😍

    7. And you consider yourself to be quite the ~meatless meat~ connoisseur.

    Gardein / Via

    Chickenless tenders? Yes pls!!!

    8. Besides ~meatless meats~, your main food groups include pizza, pasta, Chinese food, Mexican food, Tofurky sausages, soup, and beer.


    9. Regarding soup, nothing pisses you off more than WHEN PEOPLE DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT IF THERE'S CHICKEN BROTH IN A SOUP, IT'S NOT VEGETARIAN!!!


    Like, why is this such a difficult concept to grasp?!

    10. You spend a lot of time and money at Panera.

    11. One of your parents constantly jokes that you're a "carb-etarian."

    Columbia Pictures

    Starchetarian's another good one, Dad.

    12. But you don't deny it because bread truly is what keeps you going.

    13. You can't stand that LITERALLY EVERY VEGGIE OPTION EVER features an abundance of eggplant and/or portobello mushrooms.


    14. You don't trust the culinary tomfoolery that is "zoodles."

    15. The only culinary tomfoolery that IS actually worth your time is mashed cauliflower. DON'T @ ME!!!!!!!!

    16. Everyone thinks you're "so healthy" just because you're a vegetarian.


    But in actuality, it doesn't mean anything.

    17. But despite the constant vegetarian turmoil, you're all about protectin' animals and eatin' bread, so in the end, you're happy.

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