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    "If They Cheat WITH You, They'll Cheat ON You," And 16 Other "Unwritten Life Rules" That People Live By

    So many lessons learned.

    Recently, Reddit user u/shadow_2116 asked in r/AskReddit: "What are some unwritten life rules everyone must know?" Here are the ✨sage words✨ of those who answered:

    1. "If someone gives you their phone to look at a picture, don't swipe next to the other pictures."


    2. "Not everybody is your friend, so be careful who you vent to. Many people only want juicy gossip and don’t care about you or your problems."


    3. "Successful people in life are all doers. It usually doesn't matter what it is you do as long as you're doing something. Nobody will teach you how to be successful; only you can find that out for yourself through experience. Fear of failure is fear of success because success only finds you in failure."


    4. "Life actually sucks a lot of the time. If you expect to be happy all the time, you will be sorely disappointed and lost. Instead, work up a resilience to the hard times, and take your time to enjoy the good times."


    5. "Surround yourself with people who will mention your name in a room full of opportunities."


    6. "Don’t have strong opinions about something you know nothing about."


    7. "If they will cheat with you, then they will cheat on you."


    8. "You have a choice at every instance of your life. Sure, each choice has its own consequence, but again, it is a choice."


    9. "Let go of what you cannot control."


    10. "Just because someone is family doesn't mean they're a good person."


    11. "You can do everything right and still lose."


    12. "Stand up to people the second you feel like you're being taken advantage of."


    13. "Being nice and playing fair will most likely never get you ahead."


    14. "Don't be rude to people who prepare and/or deliver your food."


    15. "Before you enter an elevator, LET THE OTHER PEOPLE OUT FIRST!"


    16. "Find the positive in life, but don't let people force you to be positive all the time."


    And lastly:

    17. "Your greatest enemy is yourself. Forgive yourself."


    What "unwritten rules" do you follow in your own life? Tell us in the comments!

    Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.