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    22 Anti-Men Tweets That Are Equal Parts Hilarious And Brutal

    May these tweets give you much to think about.

    DISCLAIMER: I obviously did not write these tweets!!! I simply think they're funny and wanted to share them with you guys. Please enjoy. And if one of these tweets hits home with you, please be sure to follow the person who tweeted it to ensure that your Twitter feed stays full of funny jokes about men. Enjoy!



    men on dating apps be like “I’m 6’2 if that matters” and I’m like bro ur wearing a Rick & Morty shirt, ur making me 6’2 my stomach

    Twitter: @xlikestarscream


    my side of the bed vs my bfs side of the bed

    Twitter: @hannystyles69


    Men's midlife crises are intensely boring they just get an expensive bike and marry a 30 year old version of the same wife whereas women do fucken cool stuff like open owl cafes, retrain as beekeepers and get phds in necromancy.

    Twitter: @kingstonwrites


    Men will literally storm the capitol instead of going to therapy

    Twitter: @gokuw33dlord


    we put the first man on the moon YEARS ago. why did we stop. why did we Not continue to put the rest of the men there. explain ?

    Twitter: @hannahgordon_


    My best friend who has only dated girls since we were teens said after pandemic she wants to date a guy and I told her that yes, one of the side effects of covid is loss of taste.

    Twitter: @camillard


    I miss bars so much i miss when a guy asks ur name and u say “I don’t know”

    Twitter: @freshhel


    can’t trust a guy who faces the other way whilst you’re sleeping. what’s over there? other women??

    Twitter: @tularosaax


    Men: I’m sick babe Me: did you take any medicine Men: plan my funeral

    Twitter: @justky1018


    bunch of dudes on reddit joined together to raise gamestop's stock price 150% just cuz and u want me to believe the stock market isnt just straight men's astrology

    Twitter: @bocxtop


    personally i think men should start asking “can i be your boyfriend?” instead of “will you be my girlfriend?”



    Men when they realize women aren’t born with eyeliner

    Twitter: @b1uev3lvet


    every college republican looks like someone tried to draw Family Guy characters from memory

    Twitter: @diskpix


    men be like “i can’t commit” and then stay friends with the worst people their whole lives

    Twitter: @PallaviGunalan


    men be bashing astrology n whole time be exact stereotypes of they sign

    Twitter: @f8the


    men really live like this and see no issue

    Twitter: @angvish


    Men ain’t shit !⃝ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 𝘁𝗿𝘂𝗲.

    Twitter: @_anaive


    Twitter: @clitsanddoobies


    men cum in 60 seconds and say they wanna make a sex tape.. you mean a tik tok bro?

    Twitter: @E11ieHamnett


    I love my body and I fight the urge to post my bare ass on here all the time but it’s not because I’m modest, it’s because I can’t stand the thought that I might make men happy for free

    Twitter: @ashleykimtoo


    My boobs are far too big for me to understand how the stock market works but i think anything that hurts Wall Street guys is good

    Twitter: @cowgirl_beebop


    wtf guy on bumble was like "I don't like bumble can we talk on snap?" I was like "I don't have snap u can message me on insta" and he was like "I don't have insta what about kik" I was like "I don't have kik what abt comments section of youtube video" and he unmatched me

    Twitter: @sahana_srini

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