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    19 TV And Movie Foods From Our Childhoods We All Desperately Wanted To Try

    All of these? Instant classics.

    1. The Perfect Candy from Jimmy Neutron:

    2. And Book Gum!!!!!!!!

    3. The melon Rafiki used to draw on Simba's forehead:

    4. And also the grubs and bugs!!!

    5. Carmen's instant McDonald's in Spy Kids:

    6. The Krabby Patty™, obviously:

    7. And jellyfish sandwiches:

    8. AAAAAAND Pretty Patties:

    9. Oh, and Grandma SquarePants' cookies, no question:

    10. Tubby Toast from The Teletubbies, a staple:

    11. And, lest we forget, the custard:

    12. Ron's Nacho-Taco (aka "Naco") on Kim Possible:

    13. Miss Trunchbull's chocolate cake in Matilda:

    14. And honorable mention to Miss Honey's chocolate box:

    15. The jawbreakers from Ed, Edd n Eddy:

    16. Shaggy's sandwiches from Scooby-Doo:

    17. TREE 👏 STARS 👏 from The Land Before Time:

    18. Blix from Zoey 101:

    19. And low-key, Shrek's spiderweb cotton candy:

    What TV and movie foods from your childhood did you want to try? Tell us in the comments!!!