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    23 Travel Fails That, In A Sick And Twisted Way, We Kinda Missed During The Height Of The Pandemic

    Absolutely harrowing.

    1. This passport, gone but never forgotten 😔:

    Their flight left 2hrs ago from Wellthatsucks

    2. This seat trade that did NOT go as planned:

    She traded me for the window seat before we got on the plane from Wellthatsucks

    3. This sliiiiiiiiiight reroute:

    In Colorado, due to rock fall, a 20 mile stretch of highway now has a 238 mile, 4.5 hour detour. from Wellthatsucks

    4. This...uh.......utter TSA travesty:

    This is just sad. from Wellthatsucks

    5. This pungent run-off:

    The toilet waste did not get removed from the previous flight. As a result the it flooded the aisle. from Wellthatsucks

    6. This accurate depiction of what missing your flight by TWO MINUTES(!!!!!!!!!) looks like:

    The TSA just held us up over something dumb and we missed our flight by 2 minutes to serve as medical professionals abroad. Here’s my parents having a very bad day. from Wellthatsucks

    7. This iconic photo of an American marvel:

    After our 9 hour car ride, this is the picture my mom took of us at Mt. Rushmore. from Wellthatsucks

    8. This video evidence that reclining your seat on a flight is inhumane:

    My new $2000 Asus G15 was destroyed when the person in front of me leaned back. (I took the video after everyone else left) from Wellthatsucks

    9. This 10/10 flight review:

    Great flight from Wellthatsucks

    10. This ever-changing flight schedule:

    Flight delays suck, but it can always get worse... from Wellthatsucks

    11. This "pizza":

    The $50 meal I unknowingly preordered for my 8 hour flight from Orlando to London. (Pizza) from Wellthatsucks

    12. This most pleasant seat neighbor:

    Going to be a long flight from Wellthatsucks

    13. This sweet, sweet memory from one's travels:

    This photo my dad took of me at Machu Picchu from Wellthatsucks

    14. This 24-hour layover from HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My sister’s been stuck in the Pittsburgh airport for over 24 hrs now due to foggy conditions and we’ve had to postpone Christmas. These are all her vocuhers from canceled flights. They also lost her luggage yesterday even though the plane never took off. from Wellthatsucks

    15. This brutal Twitter takedown:

    Oof from Wellthatsucks

    16. This ample leg room:

    I’m 6’6” and this how much leg room was available on Spirit Airlines. Luckily it was only a 4 hour flight. from Wellthatsucks

    17. This priceless view:

    I was in New York for the first time in my life. My wife and I spent almost 10 hours on a plane, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and flew 7,500 kilometers. We climbed the top of the rock to enjoy a view of central park. We had only one day in New York and this view will always be with us. from Wellthatsucks

    18. This unique Tony Hawk Problem™:

    Tony Hawk problems from Wellthatsucks

    19. This not-at-all-ill-timed in-flight entertainment! 😌

    Ah yes, just the program I wanted to watch on my relaxing flight. from Wellthatsucks

    20. This trip that was extremely worth it!!!!!!!

    Traveled to Norway from Florida, spent 4 hours climbing pulpit rock in 40 degree weather with rain to be blessed with this. from Wellthatsucks

    21. This A+++ airport meal:

    48 hours traveling through cancelled flights, finally found a place in the airport that serves food. This was $8.50 plus tax. from Wellthatsucks

    22. This London trip that was.......✨mildly disappointing✨:

    I will never forget the day that I travelled eight hours to London to see the Big Ben only to find out that it's being restored from Wellthatsucks

    23. And lastly, this dog with a clear ulterior motive:

    My puppy chewed up my passport days before international travel. from Wellthatsucks

    H/T r/Wellthatsucks

    What was YOUR worst travel fail? Tell us in the comments!!!

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