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    19 People Who Had Their Travel Nightmares Realized In The Most Brutal Ways

    (Read this at your flight gate for maximum impact.)

    1. This person who was excited to have some extra leg room, but alas......:

    2. This passenger who found this ever-elusive in-flight hairball:

    3. Whoever owns this passport 😔:

    4. Whoever got this $50 — yup, $50!!!!!!! — in-flight "meal":

    5. This person who was met with nothing but disappointment:

    6. The recipient of this lil' consolation care package 😌💕:

    7. This weary traveler whose weariness was intensified tenfold by this "view":

    8. This person, who they say is off somewhere, still holding:

    9. The owner of this luggage who won't see it again anytime soon:

    10. This passenger whose in-flight programming was, uh.......less than ideal:

    11. This hopeful sightseer whose dreams were crushed...CRUSHED!!!!!!!!!

    12. This pissed off dog owner and now ex–travel pillow owner:

    13. This hungry, hungry guy who reluctantly threw money at the problem:

    14. All of these people who were forced to suffer through a flight with an OVERFLOWING!!! TOILET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. This person who found their luggage, uh...sliiiiiightly tampered with:

    16. This person who actually lived through the unthinkable:

    17. Whoever is the sad, sad owner of this suitcase:

    18. This scorned window seat lover:

    19. And lastly, whoever this clearly "carefully handled" suitcase belongs to 😕:

    H/T r/Wellthatsucks