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    17 Cursed Toilets That I Pray I Never Have To Poop In


    1. This mosaic toilet throne:

    2. This terrifyingly flesh-colored monstrosity:

    3. This fully working "art installation":

    4. This "mood ring" toilet:

    Extremely distressed by this ‘mood ring’ toilet seat I just saw on a craft FB group

    5. This patchwork pooper:

    6. This "target practice"...?

    7. This snakeskin toilet that is absolutely takin' names:

    8. This toilet (complete with thumbtacks):

    9. T-T-THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    y’all i’m at my friends house and i go to use the bathroom and-

    10. This salon toilet that leaves me feeling vulnerable:

    11. This "wet seat" toilet that deserves nothing but online hate:

    12. This ~forbidden love~:

    13. This cheetah print-high heeled DISASTER:

    14. This........yup:

    15. This jellybean toilet that reminds me of lil' rainbow deer scats:

    16. This toilet that leaves me with questions that I don't particularly want to know the answers to:

    17. And lastly, this wild pack of forest toilets:

    H/T r/ATBGE, r/WTF, and @scarytoilet