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What Current Trend Are We All Gonna Regret In A Few Years?

"I can't BELIEVE I ever thought wearing sunglasses that only covered my pupils was cool."

Oh, trends — as Harry Styles would say, they're ~a sign of the times.~

But because of that, trends can also be suuuuuuper cringeworthy a couple years down the road.

So what's something that's popular right now that you think we'll all be embarrassed by in a few years?!

Maybe you think it's those teeny tiny sunglasses every Instagram influencer's wearing nowadays.

Or perhaps you just KNOW that we're gonna have to delete our old TikTok videos from every crevice of the internet.

Or maybe you think people are gonna be PISSED that they spent so much money on crystals in a couple years.

So tell us, what do you think we're all gonna regret in a few years? Submit your thoughts in the DropBox below and our faves may be included in a future BuzzFeed Community post!