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    This Dog And His Owner Recreated Iconic Madonna Photos And OMG

    Introducing MAXDONNA!!!

    This is Vincent Flouret, a Paris-based celebrity portrait photographer. And over there in the corner?

    That's his trusty Golden Retriever, Max!

    About three years ago, Vincent decided to take some time in between his commercial shoots to work on a passion project. The concept? Having Max recreate his favorite artists' most ~ICONIC~ photos!!!!!!!

    And here's their take on MADONNA!!!!!!!

    And as you can see, the results are STUNNING.


    Vincent told BuzzFeed: "When I decided that this year would be a tribute to Madonna, the subject had to be taken seriously."

    He added, "Between visual research, sourcing materials, training Max, making the costumes, building the sets, and of course studying the light and taking the pictures, this project took a total of eight months to bring to life."

    And the work DEFINITELY shows!!! Like when they recreated Madonna's Harper Bazaar cover???

    The attention to detail certainly does not go unnoticed!!!

    And despite being dressed up, Max seems to be enjoying all the attention too!

    "Max is curious, always wants to play, and to be able to take pictures like this, I present everything to him as a game," Vincent says, when asked how he gets such great shots of Max. "As long as he’s having fun and getting his fill of hugs and treats, he’s a happy dog!"

    When he's not taking photos, Vincent says he and Max just relax and do their morning ritual: "First thing when I wake up, I play a rumba or cha-cha song. As soon as Max hears it, he runs to the other side of the apartment and waits for me with his favorite toys and we dance together. Then I can have my coffee!"

    Vincent also stays busy by keeping his Instagram stocked with ~exclusive~ behind-the-scenes footage:

    At the moment, Vincent says that he isn't planning ahead with the project. He's just enjoying his experiences with Max day-by-day.

    Keep up the FABULOUS work, Max and Vincent!!!

    Follow @max_et_vincent on Instagram to keep up with their photo projects.

    And if you're in France, Max and Vincent's photos are being shown in an exhibition that’s currently taking place at « L’agence Arlésienne » 26, place Paul Doumer in Arles until Aug. 16. All sales from the pictures in the exhibition will be donated to benefit Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi.