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    Look At This Fucking Nail Art And I Swear You'll Never Bite Your Nails Again

    I'd feel pretty glam picking my nose with these boys. Just sayin'.

    1. These evil eyes will protect you from boring nails AND peeling cuticles.


    3. Look at these Gustav Klimt-inspired scratchers!!!

    4. This color scheme kinda reminds me of Disney's Pocahontas! IDK!!!!!!

    5. These nails are giving me summer camp arts and crafts flashbacks.

    6. Okay, Pinterest ~lewks~! INTO 👏 IT. 👏

    7. These nails are making me wanna check my horoscope!!!

    8. I'd feel pretty glam picking my nose with these boys. Just sayin'.

    9. Matte. Flirty. Understated. I support.

    10. I would literally hang these nails up in my cool-toned bathroom.

    11. This reminds me of my grandma's couch, but chicer and less mothball-y!

    12. Simple, geometric sunsets? Just as it's getting warmer out? V timely.

    13. Look at these Easter egg-lookin' fingies!!!

    14. These are, like, very Guy Fieri baby shower. But in a glam way.

    15. Commes des Garçons? CYOOT!!!

    16. Primary color fabulousness, no?!?!?!

    17. I'm just obsessed with this holographic color and felt the need to include it. Gorgine!!!

    18. ~Kandinsky vibez!!!~

    19. FEMINIST FINGIES!!!!!!!!!! 💁💁💁

    20. YAAAASSSS THUMBS!!!!!!!!

    21. And if I had weed and this manicure, I'm pretty positive I'd just stare at my hands all day.

    BRB, gonna Amazon Prime that bad-tasting nail polish to get me to stop biting! Bye!

    Also, shoutout to Aterier Sucre, Miki Higuchi, Unir, AKIKO Nails, RounGe New York, Marie Nails, Ayumi Takagi, Bisou, and Valley for their awesome nail *~creations~*!