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This Olympian's Dog Just Won Gold For Being The Goodest

And yes, she has an Instagram!!!!!!!!! 🙏🙏🙏

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This is international Olympic couple Madison Hubbell and Adrian Diaz.

Diaz skates for Spain and Hubbell skates for the US. Today, they live and train together in Montreal. Diaz is not competing in PyeongChang this year, but Hubbell is.

While stalking Madison Hubbell on Instagram in preparation for Pyeongchang, I happened to stumble upon an astounding, truly mystical creature: the couple's pomsky, Supernova!!!

Because HOLY TRIPLE AXEL is this doggo MAGIFICENT.

Instagram: @splashmadison

I mean, she's a perfect ten. The judges are unanimous.

Instagram: @supernovadh

Nova's eyes LITERALLY look like ice. No wonder her parents are Olympic figure skaters!!!

Instagram: @splashmadison

She doesn't seem to care too much though. 💁

She is a perfect lil' FOXY LADAY!!! Her hobbies include stealing souls with just a glance and primitively sniffing buttholes!!!

Instagram: @supernovadh

So as the Winter Olympics are going on, I have one goal and ONE GOAL ONLY:

Goal for the #Olympics: Make @MadiHubbell's dog famous