This Bird Love Story Has Officially Given All Of Twitter Unrealistic Expectations For Love

    "They take the name 'lovebirds' to an extreme. They are clearly very in love."

    This is Kiwi, a handsome male lovebird who once was content living a bachelor lifestyle.

    He would happily sit on branches, eat seeds, and preen his feathers on his own — that is, until he realized something was missing...

    ...or rather, someONE.

    Noticing Kiwi was lonely, his hooman, Maura, decided to get him a little companion.

    I'm looking at this peach face little girl as a companion for Kiwi, gah I want her so bad 😭💗

    And at first, things were great. The relationship was a whirlwind of carnal passion — the lil' peach birb was Anastasia Steele and Kiwi was her Christian Grey.

    But tragically, the flame that once ignited their love soon popped and fizzled, leaving both Kiwi and his former love feeling cheated and scorned. She left, and took everything.

    But like his species namesake, Kiwi is a true lovebird and didn't let one heartbreak stop him from finding love again. Maura introduced him to Siouxsie, and it was love at first sight!

    "They are polar opposites," Maura told BuzzFeed of her birds. "Kiwi is a super friendly fun-loving boy, and Siouxsie is very shy and all business. She didn't like Kiwi at all at first and would bite if he got near her. However, he won her over quickly."

    Pretty soon, Kiwi and Siouxsie became inseparable — they perched together on various twigs, cuddled, and Siouxsie even spent the night with Kiwi in his coconut!!!!!!!! 😏

    They spent the night together in Kiwi's coconut! U know what that means 😏❤️

    And a few weeks later, the happy couple announced the news: THEY WERE EXPECTING!

    The "lovebirds" expression is so perfect look at my two babies💗 Siouxsie is expected to lay her eggs in the next week!

    Just last week, Maura tweeted this heartwarming update:

    Just LOOK! The lil' babies have their mother's cheeks and their father's wings!!! 😭😭😭

    "The babies will be staying with me for another month until they are weaned and fully feathered, and then they're all going to great new homes," Maura promised. "They're all doing great and are so sweet and loving. It's definitely going to be difficult to let them go!"

    In the end, Kiwi and Siouxsie's love for not only each other, but also their baby birblets is what's keeping me going. What a wholesome, happy home. 💖

    Baby update, 2 weeks old! Proud parents of four healthy chicks 💚🖤

    May we all find a love as true and pure as Kiwi and Siouxsie's!