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    26 Things That'll Take Anyone Between The Ages Of 17-23 Aaaaaaall The Way Back

    *Snoop Dogg voice* Let's take a journey...

    1. Trading Silly Bandz:

    2. Having these bad boys at dinner:

    3. Coating your lips with the goods:

    4. Having a Webkinz and constantly being scammed by Arte, the Curio Shop dog in Webkinz World:

    5. DESPERATELY(!!!!!!) wanting to go to Pacific Coast Academy:

    6. Going on YouTube and only watching music videos and nigahiga:

    7. Meticulously designing your Mii on your Wii:

    8. Reading Sarah Dessen books and developing a skewed sense of romance:

    9. Getting side bangs:

    10. Reading American Girl health books and getting a little too excited when you finally got to the section about private parts...

    11. ...and then searching "how to kiss" on WikiHow later that night:

    12. Watching American Idol every Tuesday and Wednesday night at 8 p.m.:

    13. Downing Capri Suns:

    14. Keeping a watchful eye on the NORAD Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve:

    15. Having a STRICT boyband allegiance to either the JoBros or 1D:

    16. Conforming to the culture by sporting Crocs and subsequent Croc charms:

    17. Thinking lip gloss made you literally 1,000-times hotter:

    18. Playing your Nintendo DS on long road trips:

    19. Just listening to T-Pain. Like, as a society:

    20. Going on Omegle at sleepovers in search of some ~tea~:

    21. Romanticizing the trials and tribulations of middle school thanks to Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide:

    22. LOOOOOOVING the band Fun and their, like, two big songs:

    23. Taking your raging pubescent anger out during a killer solo:

    24. Flexing on gimp:

    25. Learning "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles on piano:

    26. And LASTLY, the inescapable "Gummy Bear Song":