14 Things That Look A Looooooot Like Nicolas Cage

    (This includes a cat that looks JUST like Nicolas Cage, fo realz.)

    1. This saint looks a lot like Nicolas Cage:

    2. So does this lawn ornament:

    3. And this Cage-esque candleholder:

    4. Come to think of it, so does this cat pottery artifact thing:

    5. So does this portrait of anarchist writer Emma Goldman:

    6. This cat too:

    7. By golly, so do all of the people in this painting!!!!!

    8. This Jack card looks like him too:

    9. And this Chicago Cubs bobblehead:

    10. First Nation's "White Man" mask (circa 1517) does also:

    11. And this textbook illustration:

    12. This face mold:

    13. This girl's drawing:

    14. And lastly, this random guy reading in a park: