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    25 Things Anyone Who Prefers Rainy Weather Will Just Get

    80% chance of rain? More like 100% chance of PURE, PRECIPITATED BLISS.

    1. This is your favorite thing to see when you check your phone in the morning.

    2. Your friends are always confused when you're so chipper on gray days.

    3. Long walks in the rain calm you like nothing else.

    4. Especially when you have a hot cup of coffee in your hand.

    5. You've googled the fancy word that means "someone who likes rain" many a time.

    6. And after some research, you now tell people that you identify as a ~pluviophile~.

    7. The sound of rain sends you into somewhat of a serene, hypnotic trance...

    8. ...and you crave it so much, you even listen to it online when it's...sunny. *Gags*

    9. You're more creative when it's raining.

    10. Rain is also a perfectly good excuse to not leave your house or interact with anyone(!!!) all day.

    11. And no one judges you for being lazy!

    12. So you get to catch up on your Netflix shows and read your book IN. PEACE.

    13. Your Instagram has a lot of these shots:

    14. Thunderstorms are basically the most exciting things EVER.

    15. You fantasize about living in London, Seattle, and just about any other place where it rains all the time.

    16. You could stare out your window and watch the rain for hours.

    17. You have ~quite~ the umbrella collection.

    18. And your rain boots are your favorite accessory. 💁

    19. You have a playlist reserved for rainy days and rainy days ONLY.

    20. Low-key, you can smell when it's about to rain.

    21. And you love how the air smells when it's actually raining.

    22. You think spotty rain is such a tease!!!

    23. And when you notice the sky starting to clear up, you instantly groan.

    24. Because sunny days are for happy people...

    25. ...and you are, after all, a gray, brooding Pluviophile™.