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    26 Things Millennials Can't Stop Talking About That Gen Z Doesn't Care About At All

    It's time to start a dialogue.

    1. LOST


    Millennial: Pretty much everyone watched this and pretty much everyone ended up disappointed by it.

    Gen Z'er: Is this like Naked and Afraid?

    2. Myspace

    Millennial: Imagine Facebook, but everyone has "XxX" in their name and their profiles can play music no one wants to listen to.

    Gen Z'er: Myspace looks like it was designed by a redditor and a 12-year-old with Picnik.

    3. LimeWire

    Millennial: Imagine Spotify, but you had to wait 35 minutes to listen to one song and 9 times out of 10 it was a recording of Bill Clinton saying something or the Cops theme.

    Gen Z'er: ...Was this legal?


    4. Dunkaroos

    Gen Z'er: Are those gluten-free?

    Millennial: I'm pretty sure these were jam-packed with every chemical under the sun. But man were they delicious chemicals.

    5. Surge

    Millennial: Getting heart palpitations looking at this.

    Gen Z'er: I imagine this tastes like lemon-lime Gatorade mixed with a weird tingly cough syrup. Am I wrong?!

    Millennial: It tasted like green.

    6. The Dell Dude

    Millennial: This man haunts me.

    Gen Z'er: I have literally never seen this person before. I appreciate the guylights and puka shell necklace, though!

    Millennial: I see him in my dreams.

    7. SmarterChild

    Gen Z'er: Was this the Alexa of yesteryear?!

    Millennial: It was basically a robot you instant messaged with. And by "messaged with" I mean just continuously said, like, "poop poop butthole."

    8. HitClips

    Millennial: Okay, but now imagine Spotify but you can only listen to a random-ass 30-second clip of the song you want to listen to. Hell yea.

    Gen Z'er: People are nostalgic over only being able to listen to ONE SONG COUNTLESS TIMES?!?!?!?!?

    Millennial: Just like the pioneers.

    9. Manually using a pencil sharpener

    Millennial: I can still smell the pencil shavings today. I realize that might alarm some folks.

    Gen Z'er: This looks like a medieval torture device. Especially with the sepia tone.

    Millennial: That's just the way the world looked in 1999.

    10. See-through phones

    Millennial: Imagine a phone, but it's translucent. That's the good shit.

    Gen Z'er: This is cool; I'll admit it.

    11. NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys

    Millennial: These two groups featured five men dressed like an old couch and were the biggest things in the world.

    Gen Z'er: Okay, while I think both of these boy bands have timeless ~BOPS~, I think it's soooo annoying when people my age say that they grew up listening to them. Like, HOMIE, YOU WERE 2. YOU WERE STILL SPITTING UP ON THINGS AND TRYING TO EAT YOUR POOP WHEN "BYE BYE BYE" CAME OUT.

    Millennial: Damn! Syd snapped! Tell us how you really feel!

    12. These Disney spoons

    Millennial: Feels kinda weird to be nostalgic over a lit'ral spoon.

    Gen Z'er: Neutral opinion.

    13. Manually rolling down car windows

    Millennial: Honestly this sucked, but I'd be lying if I said this didn't sculpt me into the man I am today.

    Gen Z'er: MANUAL LABOR?!?!?! 2/10.

    Millennial: Just like the pioneers.

    14. Gak

    Millennial: This was great until you dropped it on the carpet and got hair and dirt all over it.

    Gen Z'er: This is the sound my dog makes when he's about to throw up little moist pieces of the stick he chewed on 20 minutes ago.

    Millennial: Honestly, it looks like a dog blew chunks, too.

    15. Digital cameras and manually uploading your pictures to your PC from a memory card

    Millennial: These were truly the peak of technology. You knew you were in for a good night when these were involved.

    Gen Z'er: The only reason I have ANY experience with these whatsoever is because I went to sleepaway camp and we weren't allowed to bring camera phones, so everyone just brought these instead.

    16. The Hanson brothers

    Gen Z'er: They kinda look like Haim.

    Millennial: That is high praise.

    17. These Disney cups

    Gen Z'er: These were part of a collector series?! Bet some crazy ol' millennials would share their Wi-Fi hotspot with you for just ONE of these.

    Millennial: IDK, man. Cups are cups. Drank some good juice out of these.

    18. Pete & Pete


    Millennial: My sons.

    Gen Z'er: ???

    19. AltaVista

    Millennial: Okay, but, like, imagine the internet we have now except it never worked and was a whole lot shittier. Those were the days.

    Gen Z'er: AltaVista sounds like a road in California.

    20. The red cups from Pizza Hut

    Millennial: These weren't just any red cups, they were OUR red cups. Well, the Pizza Hut corporation's cups.

    Gen Z'er: These look like the cups we have at BuzzFeed!

    21. This Nickelodeon clock

    Gen Z'er: This looks like a toy you'd play with in a sandbox.

    Millennial: Kinda weird to be nostalgic over an alarm clark, but you get it.

    22. Power Rangers

    Saban Entertainment

    Millennial: These kids could still kick my ass.

    Gen Z'er: Though I've never watched their TV show, I remember thinking the pink Power Ranger would be a cool Halloween costume. Turned out, so did the other 90% of girls under the age of 13.

    23. Spice World

    Millennial: A true classic of cinema. Our Citizen Kane.

    Gen Z'er: TBH I only know the chorus of "Wannabe" because DJs would always play it at bar mitzvahs.

    Millennial: Def a mitzvah bop.

    24. French Toast Crunch

    Millennial: This right here was the shit. Damn. I'm getting teary-eyed.

    Gen Z'er: The predecessor of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, I reckon.

    25. Stick Stickly


    Millennial: This guy, or, uh, stick hosted Nickelodeon shows. He was sweet and wonderful and I miss him.

    Gen Z'er: I think I would've been v into this.

    Millennial: Back in the '90s, even a stick could be a superstar.

    26. And Jar Jar Binks

    Millennial: Man, I don't even know.

    Gen Z'er: ...Am I gonna get hate in the comments if I say "Ew"?

    Millennial: You will be universally praised.