18 Truths All Pisces-Aries Cusps Will Relate To

    If your birthday falls between March 17th-23rd, that means you!

    If you were born between March 17th and March 23rd, then congratulations, you're a Pisces-Aries cusp!

    It's also known as the Cusp of Rebirth: a time when exceptionally fabulous, moody, and imaginative people are born! So here are some things you should DEFINITELY know about these ~cuspers~:

    1. You're both a dreamer AND a doer.

    2. You're a natural born leader. WERK! 💁

    3. You're a CRE- 👏 A- 👏 TIVE 👏 FORCE!!! 👏

    4. You can be EXTREMELY impatient.

    5. And sometimes, even childish.

    6. You're an empath.

    7. You're prone to overthinking.

    8. You like to help others reach their full potential.

    9. You're always there for the ones you love.

    10. You're DUMB m00dy.

    11. You're dynamic and direct...

    12. ...but you're also SUUUUUUUPER sensitive and ~emotionally complex.~

    13. Your passion doesn't always equal commitment.

    14. You're mostly bark and VEEEEERY little bite.

    15. You always try to make everyone feel comfortable.

    16. You like to push boundaries.

    17. You cry. A LOT.

    18. And lastly, you're basically an avatar.