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44 Before And After Photos That Prove The Power Of A Haircut

"Snip snip, bish!"

Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their fun, flirty, and ferosh hair glow-ups and we were absolutely FLOODED with gorgeous responses! Here are some of our faves:



"For years (from 10-15 years old) I had my hair permed, and therefore had damaged hair, was insecure about it, and wore it in a bun at the back of my head. I decided to make the 'big chop' at age 15 and loved it so much I kept it shaved/short for years after. At 20 years old, I’m just starting to let it grow out now. #shorthairdontcare #naturalhair" —livileeeee



"Growing up with curly hair I was always complimented on how beautiful it was, but I never really felt that it was beautiful. But this past July, I got my hair cut for the first time in about two years. It was my very first experience with a DevaCut, which is a method for cutting curly hair where the stylist cuts each curl individually. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING! I have never felt better about my hair, and am regularly wearing it curly. It has truly been such an empowering experience." —arianaysabel



"I was always so afraid of going short, but I did it three years ago and never looked back! A bit later, I started my gradual change to platinum. Now I have the best hair of my life!" —kaseyyy980


"For years, I straightened my hair everyday and damaged it. But four years ago, I started embracing my curls. I cannot believe how healthy and happy my hair is now. Don’t fight nature!" —jennyd46a7d7cb3



"I was so bored with my natural brown hair. I felt dull, so I decided to spice things up and dye my hair red! Fast forward three years and I've added the bangs and recently went orange. My hair has given me such a confidence boost and I've never been happier! I feel more myself, even if that means living as a tangerine until I'm 80!" —taranoell



"It took about a year to grow my hair out to this length (and a couple dye mishaps, like accidentally dyeing my hair green!) but I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. Turned out all my billboard-sized forehead needed was some bangs!" —katyvf



"I've worn my hair buzzed short for years, but finally decided to grow it out. Short and dyed black, and one year later, shoulder length and my natural dirty blonde!" —amethystwells



"Since becoming a hairstylist and becoming more comfortable in my skin over the last three or four years, I’ve cut my hair shorter and shorter. It’s so much easier to maintain, and I can keep switching up the colors a lot more". —bronwync45458b438


"Have straightened my hair for the majority of my life and got bored of it after high school. I feel so much happier after getting braids, and I don't think I'm going back for awhile!" —keyajohnson1234


"I’m a natural blonde. I dyed my hair dark brown after I ended a long relationship with someone who never wanted me to dye my hair dark. I kept it dark for almost seven years, but I recently went back to blonde because I missed it! I couldn’t be happier." —mariekel



"From 2016 to 2018! I always had very long, dark brown hair, and this year I decided to change it up and go beachy blonde (and cut about seven inches off.) People say it brightens up my face!" —halfofalex


Anna Kopsky / BuzzFeed

"I’ve been dying my hair purple/blue/pink for years, so I let it grow out and let the dye fade, and it got all brassy and IMO not that cute. But then recently I got that color fixed and some bangs, and my hair looks like I actually care about it!!!" —annakopsky

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Some of these submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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