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    These Drake-Themed School Decorations Got Me In My Feelings

    #ItsLit #AsInLiterature

    First, there were Cardi B hall passes...

    ...and now, if you're getting ready to go back to school, chances are you're gonna be seeing a lot of Drake and #InMyFeelingsChallenge references.

    Great first day back at #BusbeeElementary! This is going to be a great year! The #Bulldogs are up to the challenge! #ChallengeAccepted

    Like at Nieman Elementary in Kansas:

    Speaking our kids’ language. Kiki, do you love Nieman? ❤️🖤 #KidsDeserveIt

    And Oxnard High School in California:

    Kiki are you reading? @ohs_jackets @ohs_avid @Oxnard_ASB @OxnardHighSwarm #ClassOf2019 #classof2020 #classof2021 #classof22 @SeniorsOxnard

    Many schools are using the hashtags #ChallengeAccepted and #ItsLit (like, both "lit" as in awesome and "lit" as in "literature." Get it?) to tie culture and education together. It's cute!!!!!!!!!!

    Kiki, do you ❤️📚? Are you reading? The Pride ❤️’s 📚 @Mtpointelibrary 🦁❤️📚

    But like, do all millennial teachers share a Pinterest board just for classroom crafts based on youth culture references?!

    Ty @Drake & @iamcardib this #AVID school year will be LIT!!!

    Because I — *sniffs air* — sense a theme.

    Kiki, are you reading? DHS librarian, Mrs. Nations is ready for our Broncos to come back and visit the library. #DHSBroncoPride #firstdayofschool

    Regardless, I am HERE 👏 FOR 👏 IT. 👏

    Annual back-to-school #bulletinboard for my grade 7/8 classroom! #InMyFeelings @Drake (PS. It’s pronounced ‘meevree’ and that’s a near-rhyme right?) 😂

    And hopefully their efforts will get students excited about learning!!!

    My classroom door, feat. Drake, is ready for the first day of school tomorrow. #TheHateUGive by @angiecthomas is the centerpiece because it’s amazing and I hope all my students read it.

    So...does reading get you in YOUR feelings?!

    Reading gets me in my feelings @Drake

    (P.S. — Get ready for a lot of these bulletin boards to show up in back-to-school snap stories!!!!!!!!)

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