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    21 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About "The Office" Pilot We Learned On Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey's New Podcast

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    ATTENTION OFFICE FANS: Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey — aka Pam and Angela from The Office — have started their own podcast called Office Ladies!


    On their first episode, they discussed shooting The Office's pilot episode, behind-the-scenes tidbits, little "fast facts" and even some of their first impressions of the cast. Here are some things we learned from listening!!!

    1. They filmed the pilot six months before the rest of Season 1.

    2. Jenna Fischer first met Rainn Wilson at a live test audition while he was in character.

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    "I remember I met Rainn Wilson when he was in character, but I couldn't really know that because I didn't know Rainn yet," Fischer said. "I thought he was the weirdest person I'd ever met in my life."

    3. Steve Carell wrote the list of Michael Scott's heroes.


    4. The exterior shot used in the pilot was not the real building where they filmed.


    "I think it was stock footage and we never used it again," said Fischer.

    5. They actually filmed on the second floor of this real office building in Culver City, California.

    6. The only crew members on set were a camera man, a boom operator, and Ken Kwapis, the director.

    7. The actors had to sit at their desks by 7:30 a.m. and pretend to work while the crew filmed b-roll.


    "Little shots you see, for example, of Pam doing whiteout, that was a piece of b-roll from one of those working mornings," said Fischer.

    8. Phyllis Smith was the casting associate for the show.

    9. The voice of Todd Packer on the phone is NOT actually Dave Koechner.

    Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

    The voice was actually voiceover actor Toby Huss. Koechner was cast later on.

    10. They had to film Pam's reaction to Michael's Six Million Dollar Man bit separately because Jenna couldn't keep a straight face.


    "I could not get through that scene," said Fischer. "And in fact, in order to get my reaction shot, they had to make Steve leave the set."

    11. Angela Kinsey met Kate Flannery in an all-female improv group, Bitch Planet, years before filming The Office.

    12. Kinsey was also in a sketch comedy show, Hot Towel, with Oscar Nuñez prior to filming.

    13. When Rainn introduced Angela to his wife — who was pregnant at the time — he said, "This is Holly, bearer of my seed."

    14. Phyllis Smith was a burlesque dancer and cheerleader in the '70s, and she had a picture of herself on her Office desk from those days.

    u/Halstrop / Via

    "Ken Kwapis wanted us to personalize our desks for the pilot episode and moving forward, so we all brought in something from home," Kinsey recounted. "Phyllis had a picture of herself in a full burlesque outfit with a red feather boa draped over her shoulders."

    15. Rainn based Dwight's hair on his own hair from when he was 16.

    16. When everyone was talking about downsizing, Jenna and John were actually improvising about "Sprinkles' birthday party."


    "I drew this cat and wrote 'You're invited to Sprinkles' birthday in the parking lot' and I handed it to you," Kinsey said. "I remember thinking it was weird," said Fischer, "and so when Ken Kwapis told me to talk to John, I remembered that Post-It note."

    17. The two women in the conference room scene who are never seen again were real production company accountants.


    18. The prank on Pam was one of Jenna's audition scenes.


    According to Fischer, they filmed this scene "probably 30 times."

    19. As Dwight is unpacking his desk, he's singing "Little Drummer Boy" which foreshadows his relationship with Angela.


    In Season 3, Angela sings "Little Drummer Boy" and Dwight joins her.

    20. When Michael turns to BJ and asks if he's seen the show Punk'd, it's funny because BJ was on Season 2 of Punk'd.


    On the show, the celebrity he pranked was Hilary Duff.

    21. And finally, Angela's first audition for The Office was for the role of Pam.

    Be sure to follow along as Jenna and Angela recount their favorite Office memories on their podcast, Office Ladies.

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