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I Figured Out "The Bachelorette" Guys' Star Signs, Because It Needed To Be Done

YES, I creeped the guys' relatives' Instas to figure out their birthdays. WHAT OF IT?!?!?!?!

If there are two things I love, they're astrology and The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise.


So naturally, as this season is down to its final four guys, I HAD to figure out Hannah's astrological compatibility with each of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, our Bachelorette, Miss Hannah Brown, is a Libra — that means she LOVES love, socializing, and when things are fair and harmonious. Libras also tend to be a bit indecisive, which checks out with four guys going to the final instead of the usual three.

Her first contender, Luke P., has caused QUITE a bit of drama in the house. (So, yeah — this usually doesn't sit well with Libras.)

And after doing a bit of digging, I discovered that — unsurprisingly — Luke P. is an Aries!!!!!!!


And YES, I DID creep on Luke P.'s mom's Instagram to find out her son's birthday. WHAT OF IT?!?!?!?!?!

That means he's very competitive, stubborn, and hotheaded, but also passionate, loving, and adventurous.


Which, for better or worse — and by worse I mean his gaslighting and toxic masculinity, which is a Luke issue, NOT an Aries issue — has been proven true this season.

So, what's Hannah and Luke P.'s overall compatibility?!

Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

So basically, Hannah and Luke P.'s signs are polar opposites, so I guess opposites really do attract! With Libra ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and Aries ruled by Mars, the planet of war, these two signs are constantly butting heads, but having AMAZING sexual chemistry — which is evident on the show.

However, if they allow themselves to open up and connect emotionally instead of just physically, these two have the potential to be a long-term pairing.

Then there's Peter the pilot, who's a Leo.

Once again, I did what I had to do and creeped on Peter's relatives' Instagrams until I found a birthday post — he's a confirmed Leo!!!!!!!

The receipts:

Generally, Leos are brave, charismatic, proud, and extroverted — so pretty much, Peter's a textbook Leo.


As for their compatibility?

Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

Libras and Leos have a lot to learn from each other — most importantly, how to balance power and respect in a relationship. They both love to show off and be shown off, so this is a very social and active coupling.

Libra likes Leo's assertiveness, while Leo is attracted to Libra's both internal and external beauty. So basically, yeah — Hannah and Peter the pilot are preeeeeetty good together.

Tyler C.? Yeah, he's an Aquarius.

At least, according to the internet he is.

Aquariuses tend to be unconventional, humanitarian, intellectual, and sometimes a little detached.


Haven't seen too much of the classic Aquarius Detachment™ from Tyler C., though!!!!!!!!!

So, where do Hannah and Tyler C. stand?

Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

Since Libra and Aquarius are both Air signs, these two can communicate well, but they live life with completely different mindsets — Libra values stability, whereas Aquarius is excited by spontaneity, eccentricity, and new experiences.

While this pair can be fun at the start, it doesn't have a lot of lasting power, TBH.

And lastly, Jed — he's a Capricorn.

See for yourself!!!!!!!!

Capricorns are known for their intense work ethic, their ambition, and their practical way of thinking.


As far as Jed goes, his work ethic and ambition checks out with all of these career-serving allegations. 🙄

So, TL;DR........

Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

With Libra being an Air sign and Capricorn being an Earth sign, these two are opposing each other's energies in ways that aren't really beneficial to either of them. Where they struggle most is with emotional connection — where Libra likes to discuss and rationalize every feeling, Capricorn tends to shut down.

If the two can figure out how to understand each other's way of thinking, there could POSSIBLY be a future. But probably not.

So who will Hannah choose?!?!?!?!?!?!?! VOTE BELOW FOR DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Who do you think will win Hannah's lovely Libra heart?!

    Who do you think will win Hannah's lovely Libra heart?!

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Who do you think will win Hannah's lovely Libra heart?!
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    Tyler C., the Aquarius
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