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    Hannah Brown Appeared On "The Bachelor" And Now Everyone's Freaking Out

    "You asked Tyler out on the last episode. Did it ever cross your mind to ask me instead?" —Peter to Hannah

    SOOOOOO last night was the premiere of Peter's season of The Bachelor, and — you guessed it! — things got off to a promising-yet-*turbulent* start.

    While there were some cute moments...

    ...and a *pinch* of drama...

    ...the real drama began to unfold when HANNAH 👏 BROWN 👏 stepped out of the limo!!!!!!!

    Like always, Twitter had some thoughts:

    the girls on the bachelor when they see hannah brown walk in


    me still trying to figure out why hannah b cant just find a man in the real world. girl u threw away the good men, live with ur consequences and go home #bachelor #BachelorNation

    But ultimately, it seemed like Hannah was just being sweet and was there to give Peter back his "wings," which he gave her on her season. The majority of Bachelor Nation thought it was cute and ~emosh~:

    me when hannah gave peter back his wings #TheBachelor

    We thought that all was said and done — until Hannah showed up ON THE GROUP DATE(!!!!!!!) and challenged the girls to share their wildest sex stories. (She shared her own...involving Peter.)

    But while the girls were preparing to share their sex stories, Hannah had a lil' backstage crying moment. And who was there to comfort her?! PETER, OF COURSE!!!!!!!

    Basically, she confessed to "thinking back" on her decision to send Peter home "all the time."

    Here's what Twitter had to say about THAT:

    Whoever gave Hannah that mascara is either getting fired or a promotion #TheBachelor

    me trying to figure out if it was possible for hannah to join the mansion AND win dancing with the stars at the same time #TheBachelor

    Peter: I really think my wife is in here in this room Hannah B behind a curtain: #TheBachelor

    Oh yeah...and Peter casually mentioned that Hannah moved like 20 minutes away from him after her season wrapped??!?!?!?!?!?!

    Hannah B when she moved 20 minutes away from Peter #TheBachelor

    While it was pretty divided, it seemed like a lot of people still shipped Heter™:

    Why am I low key rooting for Hannah Brown and Peter. #TheBachelor


    Me rooting for Peter and Hannah B even though I know her appearance is just a publicity stunt: #TheBachelor

    Wait.... what if when peters mom says “go get our girl” she was telling him to go get Hannah B bc he’s not over her and never fell out of love #TheBachelor

    But others thought Peter deserved more than being her third choice:

    Me wanting Peter and Hannah forever but also wanting him to know he shouldn’t be anyone’s 3rd choice but also unable to deny their chemistry but also mad at Hannah for wasting her time with fuckbois when she could’ve had Peter but loving her & knowing she’s on DWTS #TheBachelor

    PETER WEBER TO HANNAH BROWN: "You asked Tyler out on the last episode...did it ever cross your mind to ask me instead?" ALL OF US: #thebachelor

    Peter: "My heart just sank when you asked Tyler out." Hannah: "He was reaching out, you didn't say anything ... I thought you wanted to be #TheBachelor." Remainder of America:

    Hannah had feelings for Peter at After the Final Rose, but also asked out Tyler in front of everyone? #TheBachelor

    REGARDLESS OF IT ALL, the episode ended on a cliffhanger: Peter invited Hannah to join the house!!!!!!!!

    Hannah B when Peter asks her to come be a part of the house. #TheBachelor

    So who knows what will happen?! We'll just have to wait until next week........

    What do YOU think of the whole Hannah Brown and Peter moment? Tell us in the comments!!!