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Tell Us How You Got Sober

It's about time we talked about it.

Something that gets breezed over in our society — and consequently, in media — is addiction. Even if you yourself haven't dealt with addiction firsthand, you definitely know someone who has.

So if you've overcome an addiction, we'd love to hear the story of how you did it.

Maybe you went to a rehab facility to address your addiction head on. If so, what was transformative about your experience there, and what made you finally decide to go?

Or perhaps you're recovering from alcoholism and joining Alcoholics Anonymous gave you the support system you needed to get sober.

Or maybe your loved ones staged an intervention that really opened your eyes, and then supported you every step of your recovery.

Please leave your sobriety story as well as any advice in the DropBox below — or answer anonymously in the Google Form if you'd prefer — for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video. We're hoping all of your stories and words of encouragement will help others and hopefully shed a more mainstream light on addiction. Answers in the Google Form will be 100% anonymous.

The majority of illustrations in this post are by the amazing @seaniedraws.