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Former Subway Employees, What Are Some Behind-The-Scenes Secrets?

How fresh is "fresh"?

Do you currently or have you ever worked at a Subway?

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Basically, we wanna hear all about your ✨on-the-job secrets✨!!!!!!!!

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Maybe each sandwich is broken down mathematically, like one foot-long = six slices of meat, NO MORE, NO LESS!!!!!!!!!

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Or perhaps you should never order the tuna because it's only like 60% tuna, and the rest of it is just some weird tuna flavoring*???

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*IDK if this percentage is true – I just made it up as an example lol – but the Washington Post did recently report that Subway's tuna isn't actually tuna or fish. Apparently it's just a "mixture of various concoctions." Hmm!

Or maybe you just have a really wild story about dealing with an unruly customer. Feel free to share those too!!!

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So, what are some Subway employee secrets and stories?! Tell us in the comments below, and our favorites may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!