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We Wanna Hear Your Absolutely Messiest Bridesmaid Horror Stories

We want the drama. ALL of it.

Brides, did you have some major bridesmaid drama at your wedding, bachelorette party, etc.?

A bridal party

And/or bridesmaids, were you involved in some absolutely abhorrent drama at a wedding, bachelorette party, etc.?!

A bride and bridesmaid

If so, we wanna hear the story.

A bridal party

Maybe you had your soon-to-be sister-in-law in your bridal party, and on your wedding day, you caught her texting her brother that he "could do so much better."

A bridesmaid texting

Or, perhaps you had a short haircut for your friend's wedding that she didn't like, and so she made you wear a wig if you wanted to be in the bridal party.

A stylist holding a wig in front of a client

Orrrrr, maybe your maid of honor got SUUUUUPER drunk at your bachelorette party and confessed to sleeping with your fiancé......and just like that, you called the wedding off.

Bridesmaids drinking

Whatever your bridesmaid horror story may be, we wanna hear all the details. Please tell us your unfortunate tale in the comments below or in this anonymous form. The most outlandish stories just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!