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Which Ghost Tours Are Toooootally Worth Going On?

Did you experience anything ~paranormal~?!

Have you ever been on a ghost tour or a haunted house tour?!

If so, we want to hear AAAAALL about your spooky experience!!!!!!!!

Like maybe you went on New York City's famous Boroughs of the Dead tour, where you visited several murder scenes, top secret burial grounds, and several locations with reported paranormal activity.

Or perhaps you went on the Goodsprings Ghost Hunt in Nevada where you were given ghost-hunting equipment — EMF meters, temperature guns, and dowsing rods — and led to the most chilling locations. Did you see anything....slightly odd there?

Or maybe you went on the Banjo Billy Ghost Tour in Denver, Colorado, that stops at Cheeseman Park, which is said to have lots of "cold spots." Some people who have laid on the ground there have even reported feeling arms wrap around them — were YOU one of those people?!

So if you've been on an AMAZING haunted tour, tell us about your experience in the DropBox below. The wildest, most intriguing, and ~spookiest~ submissions may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!!!!!!