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    Here's A Tour Inside Taylor Swift's Actual Cornelia Street Rental

    🎶 I rent a place on Cornelia Street with an indoor pool, an art gallery, and exposed brick / I say casually in the car 🎶

    So if you have taste, you know "Cornelia Street" is one of the best tracks on Taylor Swift's Lover.

    And thanks to context clues, we also know it's a very cute street in New York City!!!!!!!!!

    Fact-check? It tracks!

    Well, I've come across the listing for the EXACT townhouse Taylor briefly rented back in 2016 while her Tribeca apartment was being renovated: 23 CORNELIA STREET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let me just say, this repurposed carriage house is MONSTROUS — three floors, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a POOL (!!!), a roof deck, a garden, and a shit ton of EXPOSED!!!!! BRICK!!!!!!!!!!

    Anywho, here's, like, the best ~bootleg tour~ I can put together just from the listing pics:

    So here's the kitchen:

    And the dining room:

    This is just another view of the dining room to show off the Exposed Brick™ and this chest thingy:

    The living room:

    Casual indoor pool with priceless art and an overhanging chandelier:

    I guess this is the "gallery"......?

    Another view of the "gallery":

    Still the "gallery":

    Tay's master bedroom, which I would literally slice jugulars for:

    Here's bedroom number two:

    And the dresser in bedroom number two:

    And bedroom number three:

    And a GORGEOUS marble bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Mo'Nique voice* I would like to experience it:

    And lastly, I guess this is the ~natural light~ view up all three floors:

    Sadly, 23 Cornelia Street is no longer rentable for a measly $39,500 a month — it sold for $11.5 million. ABSOLUTELY!

    In conclusion, 23 Cornelia Street.......*Mo'Nique voice* I would like to experience it.

    Read the full listing here.