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Ladies, How Have Your Tattoos Changed The Way You Feel About Your Body?

Did your ~ink~ change how you ~think~?

Do you identify as a womxn and do you have a gorgeous, funny, or just frickin' awesome tattoo?!

If so..........

But more importantly, we'd love to know how this tattoo — or all of your tattoos, for that matter — have changed the way you feel about or perceive your body.

Maybe you've always been a little insecure about your tummy, and getting a meaningful tattoo on it helped you fall in love with it!

Or perhaps you left a toxic relationship where you felt controlled, and getting a tattoo helped you reclaim your body as your own.

Maybe you lost a loved one and got a tattoo in their honor and every day, the tattoo reminds you that your body is just a temporary vessel — and one you feel grateful to get to live in at all.

Whatever your experience is as a tattooed womxn, we'd love to hear your story. Please leave a brief entry (and if you have photos of your tattoo, please submit those too!!!) in the DropBox below. Our favorites may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!!!