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Tattoo Artists, Tell Us Your Wildest Secrets And Stories From On The Job

We wanna hear it ALL.

Are you a tattoo artist? If so, we've gotta suspect that you've got some pretty bizarre stories.

Maybe you've had some funny/weird/IMPOSSIBLE clients or ones with some amazing tattoo backstories.

Maybe you've gotten some pretty out-there requests, like so:

Today was the day https://t.co/4IdSXPbZmd

Twitter: @rcatsmith

Or perhaps there's a very specific tattoo people ALWAYS ask you for and you're a little of sick of it, TBH.

Maybe you know a good way to tell if a tattoo shop is unsanitary. Do tell!!!!!!

Or, like, what do you do if you mess up?!?!?!

Or maybe you just have a lil' tattooing tidbit you'd like to share with the masses, like tipping etiquette, what NOT to say to your tattoo artist, etc. We wanna hear that too!!!

So tattoo artists, tell us all your secrets and stories, and leave some pics in the DropBox below if applicable! (You can also submit anonymously via this Google Form if you'd prefer.) Either way, we just might feature ya in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post. DO YOUR WORST!!!!!!!