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28 Pictures That Prove Just How Much Social Media Has Changed Over The Last Decade

Where were you when you first watched Susan Boyle's Britain's Got Talent audition?

1. In 2009, Instagram looked like this.

2. And the app icon looked like this archaic lil' camera!!!!!!

3. And its filters were something along these lines:

4. And borders were VERY cool.

5. In 2019, we use separate editing apps like VSCO and Facetune, and/or buy presets.

6. In 2009, Facebook looked like this:

7. In 2009, everyone was making these "... is ..." statuses.

8. Today, Facebook is basically just boomers posting about politics and misusing emojis.

9. In 2009, Facebook Flair was all the rage.

10. Today, IDK what the equivalent would be since I don't really use Facebook that much.........but Facebook Dating is a thing now???

11. In 2009, we would leave videos of ourselves doing literally nothing on our friends' Facebook walls.

Why were leaving Facebook videos on your friends wall a thing? I’m so embarrassed lol

12. Today, we FaceTime or Snapchat someone if we wanna talk to them.

Person: wyd Me: nothing *incoming FaceTime call*

13. In 2009, we would start Facebook groups to get everyone's numbers whenever we got a new phone.

14. Today, the most relevant group thing is the "Storm Area 51" group event.

15. In 2009, we'd upload photo albums to Facebook pretty regularly.

late 2000s teen culture was bringing a digital camera to school to take pics of your friends sitting next to lockers and then uploading them to a facebook album called “school” later that day

16. We also heavily edited some pics on Picnik.

17. But today, VSCO girls have taken over.

picnik girls walked so vsco girls could run

18. In 2009, Tumblr looked like this.

19. And we all reblogged ~deep~ quotes that usually had typos in them.

20. And now:

21. In 2009, YouTube looked like this.

22. And everyone was watching Susan Boyle's Britain's Got Talent audition.

View this video on YouTube

23. Today, the most viewed video is the "Despacito" music video.

View this video on YouTube

24. In 2009, the YouTubers with the most subscribers were Nigahiga and Fred.

25. Today, YouTubers truly are their own breed.

26. In 2009, Twitter looked like this.

27. And Crazy Frog tweeted about getting swine flu:

I think im coming down with Swine Flu (H1N1)

28. And as for Twitter today? Yeah...there are just no words for what goes on on this platform.

Me, opening my eyes to see I have two minutes left before my alarm clock goes off: