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These Two Cats Have Been Trying To Sneak Into A Museum For Years, And It’s Honestly Inspiring As H*ck


This is Ken Chan on the left, and Gosaku (aka Go-Chan). They're cats.

The two of them have been trying to sneak into the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art for YEARS now.

But because of this unremitting security guard...

...all attempts to date...

...have been...



While less persistent, Gosaku has also made his fair share of attempts.

But, alas...

...the guard has remained unrelenting...

...and Gosaku is once again turned away, after simply wanting to culture himself in the world of traditional Japanese art.

How cruel.

How truly, truly unjust.

And frankly, how exhausting.

Good luck, kitters. May you finally enter one day.

Anyway, please enjoy this fabulous video compilation of Ken Chan and Gosaku's failed break-in attempts!!!!!!!!!!!!

A museum in Japan spends most of its day refusing entry to 2 cats trying to get in @bijutsu1