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17 Times Doug The Pug Was The Hipster Man Of Your Dreams In 2017

*sips komPOOCHa*

1. When he wore this turtleneck and asked you to elaborate on your opinion regarding the existentialist theories of Sartre.

2. When he went on a solo backpacking trip through Thailand to "find himself."

3. When you guys went to some niche bookstore in Brooklyn and you asked him, "Since when do you wear glasses?"

4. When he started a lifestyle blog and insisted you get his Timbs in the picture.

5. When he asked you if this latte art was good enough to post on said lifestyle blog.

6. When he deadass asked if you were into lumbersexuals.

7. When he invited you to his new exhibition at a trendy, downtown gallery called "The."

8. When he insisted on going "glamping."

9. When he went to Nashville to try and make it with his underground-indie-folk-grunge-jazz-Bob-Dylan-with-a-hint-of-Nirvana band.

10. When he asked you to follow his underground-indie-folk-grunge-jazz-Bob-Dylan-with-a-hint-of-Nirvana band on Soundcloud.

11. When he "dabbled" in horticulture.

12. When he dragged you to trendy food joints so he could take pics for his food Instagram. And then edit them in VSCO.

13. When he was pensive that one time in the car and told you, "You wouldn't understand."

14. When he insisted that your $15 pinot noir from CVS tasted "oaky."

15. When he brought up the idea of starting a joint Etsy account.

16. When he asked you, "Wait, you mean you haven't seen Garden State?"

17. And when he reminded you, once again, to "Please get my fucking Timbs in the shot."

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